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4550  136 on copy 136BG146
4550 136 on copy 136BG146

Sponge Bob Animation Cels

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7168 129BG21 KEY.jpg
7168 129BG21 KEY.jpg

SpongeBob Production Art

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4457i 133 on copy 133BG27
4457i 133 on copy 133BG27

SpongeBob Cel

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4550  136 on copy 136BG146
4550 136 on copy 136BG146

Sponge Bob Animation Cels

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Your best source for SpongeBob Animation Cels & Production Art!

SpongeBob SquarePants is one of the most popular cartoons of recent times.  According to USA TODAY, SpongeBob is the most-loved series on TV, web traffic and social media.  In addition, SpongeBob has now starred in two major motion pictures.


Although SpongeBob has been regularly televised for 15 years, only ONE of those years did they produce the animation cels and backgrounds by hand!  That was SpongeBob's very first season - 1999/2000.  By the second year of production, SpongeBob had become a fully computer-animated series.


That fact makes SpongeBob production animation a great (and extremely rare) collectible, as well as great fun to own and frame!


All of our SpongeBob production cels and animation backgrounds are 100% genuine!  In addition, each animation cel comes with an attractive matte and a Certificate of Authenticity.  These are truly unique, one-of-a-kind items that are widely sought by collectors of animation art.


In addition to SpongeBob animation art, we also carry an array of cels from other animation studios (Disney, Hanna-Barbera, etc.).

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A39. alvin 3 copy BG
A35. Pluto cel w cat background
A13. woody academy cel
A32. speedy gonzales closeup
A1. fleisher gulliver's travels gabby
A49. Bugs cel on copy BG Mat newest
A26. Donald Jose w copy bg scan
A25. Porky w BG
A25C.   Elmer Fudd 1982 1001 Rabbit Tales Cel Framed (4)
A14. speed racer
A5. Woody Can BG
A6. Peter Pan Model Sheet
25B.  road runner prod
A45. Winnie Pooh Tigger Piglet 3-22-14 a on BG
A41. Ren and Stimpy july 30 2012
A27B. Tweety w copy BG
A36. Aeon Flux tree 1
A31. beavis butt-head camp fire  KEY
21. chucky cel

Each item in our stock of original hand-painted SpongeBob production art is 100% genuine!

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