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Original hand-drawn animation production art drawing from the 1938 Terrytoons cartoon CHRIS COLUMBO, which was directed by Eddie Donnelly, in very good condition on three-hole punched animation paper. This is an animation drawing in black pencil picturing Columbus being startled by a lightening bolt striking the deck of his ship.
This is an original drawing by the animator or layout artist, not an anonymous ink and paint girl as are cells. 1930s art from the Terrytoons studio is very rare, most of it thrown away after use, unlike the Disney studio, who seems to have saved everything! Art measures 11" x 9-1/5".
Terrytoons, originators of such famous cartoon characters as Mighty Mouse, Dinky Duck and Gandy Goose, was one of the great New York animation studios of that era with a lot of talented artists working there in New Rochelle, N.Y., many of whom worked at the Disney and Fleischer studios at various times.

A10. Original TERRYTOONS Animation Drawing '38

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