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This wonderful limited edition piece of art, authorized by
Fleischer Studios and represented by King Feature Syndicate. Gabby, as he directs the Lilliputan citizens to create a  new set of clothes for the shipwrecked hero, Gulliver. Gulliver's Travels, based on the classic Jonathan
         Swift tale, was brought to life as a full-length animated feature in 1939, during the most creative period
        at the Fleischer Studios.
The drawing on which the cel is based was re-created using an actual frame from the film.
         This limited edition cel was created using the same methods that are used in preparing actual
        production cels, and features a facsimile signature of producer Max Fleischer.
The total edition size is 125 and this is #54 -  limited editions, with 20 artists proofs and 20 hors de commerce.

A1. Gabby,Town Cryer LTD ~ Gulliver's Travels, '39

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